Turbo Cool is one of the largest refrigeration equipment supplier in the Middle east.

With reliable products and our extensive experience knowledge of local markets, consumer behavior, and markets competition. Turbo Cool Refrigeration (TCR) strives to be a world-class supplier and service partner to local and multinational global companies.

TCR represents well-respected production facilities with a legacy of 55 years in industries evolved into an art of the industry of the refrigerators manufacturing. The turn over is more than 300000 units per annum with worldwide reputation for performance, quality, and after sales services.

Turbo Cool manufactures and commercializes all types of refrigerated appliances for soft drinks, juices, waters , poultry,ice-cream and dairy products producers or distributors. Our key competitive factors: constant research in order to provide solutions that respect the environment with maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. We have the trust of internationally recognized global brands for which we develop and manufacture a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment.

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